Waterford Kid Fishing Rodeo - 2 May

Waterford Kid Fishing Rodeo – 2 May

Waterford Big Fish Rodeo
Waterford Resident Only, Kidz – 16 and under
May 2nd (09:30 – 12:30), Registration begins at 9:00
Waterford Pond
Prize for heaviest fish per species
Catch, Weigh and Release!
Please volunteer to help the kids and enjoy!

Rules and Regulations for Kids Big Fish Rodeo

General RULES:

1. Have Fun, obey the below rules and help make this an annual event for our Waterford kids!
2. Participants must be 16 years old or younger and must be family member of Waterford resident to participate. Prizes awarded for the single heaviest LIVE fish from these 5 species: bass, bream, catfish, crappie or Carp.
3. Any type of rod/reel, cane pole, crappie pole is allowed. Either live bait or artificial is allowed. State fishing laws will apply where applicable.
4. All fish entered must be caught in the Waterford Pond on rodeo day and within the hours of 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. Please bring your own container to transport your live fish to a weighing official who will be in the area. DO NOT USE FISH STRINGERS TO TRANSPORT AS IT COULD HARM THE FISH WHICH YOU WILL SOON RELEASE. Only live fish will be recorded so please handle the fish with care and remove the hook without injury.
5. Before fishing, every angler must register at the designated registration table. Anglers are expected to exercise courtesy at all times toward fellow anglers. Evidence of poor sportsmanship will be cause for disqualification. Anglers “should” be under the supervision of an adult to assist with teaching, removal of fish, etc.
6. This is a bank fishing only event and anglers must be visible to the Weigh Master station. NO fishing from boat or other floating apparatus or from wooded area across the pond. No fishing on Private Property.
7. Time will go by the OFFICIAL CLOCK at the Weigh Master station.
8. In the event of a tie, the first fish weighed in wins. There are no limitations on rod weight or strength of line in any category. All fish must be released after being recorded by a Weigh Master.
9. Food and Drinks will be available for purchase, all proceeds to support the prizes given and management of our Waterford Fishing program which includes stocking each year.
10. Please dispose of your trash and Good Luck!

Exception: Any Bass over 3lbs may be kept by the angler during this Rodeo only.