Proxy & Nominations Form

Proxy & Nominations Form

NOMINATIONS FORM: Two (2) new Board members will be elected to replace current members whose terms expire. To nominate a candidate, please discuss and confirm with your nominee(s) prior to submitting the following form. Nominees should also attend the meeting.

Be advised that we will need to elect two (2) new members to our Board of Directors at the 2014 Annual Meeting. Elected members serve a term of three (3) years. Discuss the nominations with those you choose to be sure they are willing to serve on the Board. Confirmed nominees will be posted on the “” website. Nominations will also be accepted from “the floor” at the meeting. Nominations can be directed in writing to:

Waterford H.O. Assoc., P.O. Box 834, Clemmons, NC 27012


Via email to: no later than Nov 5, 2014:

Nominations: Name(s) _____________________ _______________________

Submitted by: ______________________________________ DATE: ___/____/ 2014


PROXY FORM – If unable to attend, please submit the following proxy to register your vote.

The undersigned hereby appoints the residing Chairman, designated at the annual meeting, as proxy of the undersigned with full powers of substitution to vote the undersigned’s interest as a member of the Waterford Homeowners Assoc. which the undersigned is entitled to vote at the 2014 Annual Meeting, or at any adjournment thereof, with all the powers the undersigned would have if personally present. The Association will elect two (2) new members as Directors for a term of three (3) years. Each Homeowner shall be entitled to cast two (2) votes for two nominees. Individuals receiving a plurality of the votes shall be elected.
Proxies must be received no later than Nov 5 and either mailed to: Waterford, P.O. Box 834, Clemmons, NC 27012 or via email to:

Vote For: (1) ___________________ (2) _______________________

(Unless indicated otherwise, the undersigned’s vote shall be voted as the proxy shall determine)

DATE: ___/____/ 2014:

(Print name(s) of member(s) voting): _________________________ / _____________________________

(Signature(s) of member(s) voting): _________________________ / ____________________________

(Address of member(s) voting: ____________________________________________________________

NOTE: Where Property is held in the names of more than one person, both property owners should sign.