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Located in the growing Village of Clemmons, NC, Waterford was established in 1985 to be a “fine and delightful place to live.”

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  1. Waterford Glen Update

    Waterford Neighbors
    Update on the Proposed Waterford Glen Development
    At their June 12 meeting, the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Planning Board recommended 5-4 that the Waterford Glen development should be approved, with the recommendation that it be built to Village of Clemmons storm water standards. This is simply a recommendation. R. S. Parker Homes is not required to follow this standard, even though Clemmons will bear the brunt of any problems the development causes. Forsyth County Commissioners will make a final decision at their meeting July 28.
    R.S. Parker Homes plans to build 53 single-family homes on less than 30 acres, connecting to Waterford by Tralee Road (via Slane Road, right by the Waterford Pool). As evidenced by the 5-4 vote, the planners had several reservations about the project. The 500+ signatures on the petition, more than 50 Waterford neighbors attending the meetings, and our concerns about the increased traffic by the Waterford Pool all got their attention. But the most critical point—the one the planners kept returning to in their deliberations—was the storm water issue. R.S. Parker has not considered the devastating impact runoff will have on Waterford property, especially on Curraghmore Road.
    • The proposed storm water pond is being built on a hill, right above Curraghmore Road properties.
    • The creek running between Tralee/Slane roads and Curraghmore will be filled with more silt and be subject to even more erosion.
    • Neighbors already deal with flooding of their backyards—this development will make it even worse.
    • R.S. Parker plans to clear-cut the area, leaving no trees as a buffer zone or protection against soil erosion and potential flooding.
    • A retention pond failure would be DISASTROUS—11 million pounds of water, nearly 3 times the capacity of Bolton Pool, could be released ON TOP of our Waterford homes and neighbors. The potential for loss of life is VERY REAL.
    Please continue to oppose this development. R.S. Parker Homes is not taking our safety and property rights into consideration.
    What you can do:
    • Contact our Forsyth County Commissioners
    Richard Linville (727-2531), Gloria Whisenhut (725-1072), Mark Baker (671-1540), Walter Marshall (529-0094), David Plyler (413-1102), Bill Whiteheart (703-2006), Everette Witherspoon (416-9388)
    • Attend the County Commissioner Meeting on July 28th
    6 p.m., 201 North Chestnut St., Winston-Salem
    • Contact Clemmons City Council
    Let’s get them involved—all erosion and environmental damage will affect Clemmons residents and voters.

  2. Calling All Neighbors

    4:30 pm 100 East First Street, Winston-Salem. Public Meeting Room Fifth Floor.
    We need as many Waterford neighbors in attendance as possible. Don’t count on your neighbor to be the one to show up. This issue affects all of us.

  3. Rezoning Request Has Been Continued

    The REZONING MEETING for Waterford Glen has been continued to JUNE 12 at 4:30. We need a large turn out to let the zoning board know they do not need to approve this rezoning request.

  4. Neighborhood Forum About Waterford Glen

    Please join us for a neighborhood forum / discussion on the proposed new development of Waterford Glen on Tuesday, May 13th @ 8PM. This will be held on the patio at the pool.

  5. Low Country Boil

    This event is for all HOA members, regardless of pool membership. Don’t miss this new, annual event thats sure to be a hit. Please RSVP so we can get a feel for how many to prepare for.


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