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Located in the growing Village of Clemmons, NC, Waterford was established in 1985 to be a “fine and delightful place to live.”

Latest Updates

  1. New Neighborhood Being Developed Next to Waterford

    The HOA board has been contacted by R.S. Parker Homes. They are purchasing the 30 acres that lie between Lassiter Rd and Tralee Rd (second left after the pool on Slane Rd). It will be called “Waterford Glen”. The developement is still in the very early stages of planning. Please let us know if you have any questions, we will answer what we can.

    Waterford Glen Planned Site

    UPDATE: Here is the zoning case link and the plans link. Please copy and past in a new browser.

    Zoning Case: http://www.cityofws.org/Portals/0/pdf/planning/zoning/ZoningCases/April2014/April2014.pdf

    Site Plan: http://www.cityofws.org/Portals/0/pdf/Planning/Zoning/ZoningCases/April2014/F1545.pdf

  2. New Wastewater Pump Station

    There will be a general public meeting about a new wastewater pump station being built in the area. See attachment for details.

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