1. Rezoning Request Meeting for Waterford Glen

    For those interested in attending the rezoning request meeting regarding the new development of Waterford Glen, the hearing is going to be on May 8th at 4:30 pm. THe meeting is being held at 100 E. First Street in the Bryce Stuart Municipal Building in the Public Meeting Room on the 5th floor. This is your opportunity to address any concerns you may have regarding the development. For those unable to attend the meeting but still wishing to express their concerns, please email Gary Roberts at .

  2. Online Directory

    Please make sure to update your families information in the online directory. This is only visible to HOA residents and you must be logged in to view and/or update. It’s under the community tab.

  3. Calendar & Events

    Don’t forget to check the calendar for trash days, recycling days and neighborhood events. It’s under the community tab.

  4. Coyote Sightings

    Just a quick note that there have been couple of coyote sightings in and around the neighborhood. Please keep an eye on those pets and small children.

Homeowners (21 and over) are invited to come socialize with your neighbors!   You should also receive an Evite by email.