Letter from R.S. Parker Homes

Letter from R.S. Parker Homes

Dear Homeowners & Neighbors:

We wanted to let you know we have revised the existing plan for Waterford Glen to better manage the property’s stormwater. We are volunteering to provide stormwater quantity controls consistent with the requirements outlined in the Clemmons Stormwater Ordinance. These new controls are in addition to the State’s Stormwater Quality Ordinance. (See new site plan which is attached).

We have reduced the one large retention area into two smaller ones and have added two additional areas to disperse the water more evenly across the property.

In addition, we are installing a landscape buffer on the east side of the property. As we are now proposing 53 lots versus the initial 80 and enhancing our stormwater management plan, this does substantially change our development budget. As such, our homes will be starting in the $300,000’s as we have a long and successful track record in selling homes in this price range. (Please see the attached web-site links)



We hope these changes will alleviate your concerns about Waterford Glen and you will support our rezoning effort.

Thank you for your consideration and we welcome your comments and suggestions.


Justin Mendenhall

RS Parker Homes