We need to talk.

We need to talk.

We have news…

Hello Neighbors – The Board of the Waterford Homeowners Association is going to host a neighborhood “town hall” style discussion at the Clemmons public library at 5:30 on March 27th. There will be two primary discussion items.

First, upon review of the neighborhood bylaws and covenants it appears that the neighborhood swim club was never intended to be or allowed to be open to outside members. This has been confirmed by an attorney hired by the Board to review the documents. Because membership information and applications have already gone out for the 2019 pool season, we will continue offering outside memberships for the upcoming 2019 pool season. However, the HOA needs to begin the process of coming into compliance with the governing documents. Within the next 10 months a choice needs to be made by the homeowners whether to: 
a) permanently amend the documents to permit outside membership or 
b) increase annual HOA dues in an amount sufficient to support swim club operations without outside members. 
The Board intends to be neutral and simply present the facts and pros/cons of each alternative until such time at which the matter can be put to a vote. There are strong opinions on both sides, and participation in the process is encouraged beginning with attendance at the March 27th meeting.

Secondly, the Village of Clemmons would like for Waterford to consider allowing them to install a pedestrian/bike lane on one side of the road along major neighborhood thoroughfares. This is recommended as a safety and traffic calming measure, and it may be appealing to residents that regularly walk/run/ride/dog walk along Waterford’s sometimes busy streets. The Board hopes to provide information and get preliminary questions and reactions on the 27th so that it can continue to evaluate the opportunity before coming back to the homeowners with a recommendation.

We look forward to seeing as many homeowners as possible at 5:30 on March 27th at the Clemmons Public Library. Light refreshments will be served.